Grassroots Program

Supplemental Academy-Style training

    Arundel Soccer is launching the new Grassroots - Game Intelligence program for players ages 5 to 10 as an add-on option to their league play.  The new program is scheduled for summer 2014 for 1.5 hours per session for 8 sessions.  The program is inspired by German mastercoach Horst Wien's Mini-Soccer Development model and modified by ASA for players who love the game and would consider future advancing league play.

The Grassroots - Game Intelligence Features:

* Player oriented, academy-style small sided training outside the team environment.
* Led by professional trainers
* Supplements and does not interfere with team practices or games
* Maximum ball touches and player involvement
* Focus on player creativity and thinking play
* Inspired by German mastercoach Horst Wien's mini-soccer development model

Grassroots Philosophy:  The Game Intelligence program is specifically built to foster player mental and physical creativity and skill development.  There are no "teams", and training is focused away from league game's and towards the individual player performance and thought.  

Program Details:

When:  2 sessions per week starting in June
Where:  Meade or Arundel HS (tentative)
Cost: $120
Player Requirements:  Must have two prior seasons of soccer play minimum.
Player Benefits:

  • More touches on the ball, more goals, more 1v1s and 2v1s
  • Establishes all the basic skills – controlling, passing, dribbling, shooting and tackling
  • The player has plenty of opportunity to “be in love with the ball,” to improvise and to take risks without fear of making mistakes
  • Greater participation as each player is vital in a 3 person team
  • 4 goals out wide improves perception, peripheral vision and spatial awareness, reducing crowding or swarming
  • Two goals at each end create options which stimulate creativity and improvisation
  • More time and space to think and make decisions
  • The positive environment of discovery learning
  • Rolling substitutions and equal playing time create fast-paced and beneficial time  everyone 
  • Develops support play and off-the-ball play
  • Learning takes place in a complete soccer environment, just like the game itself. There is no separation of technical, physical or game elements

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