Registration Status

    ASA unlimited registration has closed.   We will continue to add players where space is available.  We’re sorry that we can not take special requests for new players at this point, since they must fit where room exists.

    Players in ages where status is shown as OPEN, may register online at any time.  Players in ages that indicate SPACE AVAILABLE should check by email with  Ages that indicate CLOSED are not accepting more players.  Players for the Anne Arundel County league should check with to see which ages are needed.  There is room on selected teams for boys and girls, but it may change daily.

    Space Available registration means that players can continue to register and play as long as there is space on existing teams.

    To register for Mini-Strikers, please email to check for space.  Please provide the players birthday, name, and town you live in.  Players with a parent-coach will be automatically approved, and may allow other players to be added.  ASA will create new teams in Mini’s right up to 7 Sept as long as coaching supports it.

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