Dear ASA Community,

I hope this message finds all of you well.  ASA needs all of your help.  Every Saturday morning for the fall and spring seasons the foundation of our club, the ASA Recreation Program, holds games at Provinces Park from 8am-2pm.  Over 400 players and families converge on the park during this time, learning to love the game of soccer.  It is a beautiful sight.  We obtained the rights to Provinces Park 2 years ago after losing Arundel Middle School fields due to turf field construction.  Provinces Park is the FIRST PARK we have had access to since our inception in 1984.  It took 36 years for the players and families at ASA to finally get what all the other youth sports organizations in Anne Arundel County already enjoy.  Access to this park is critical for our organization.  We have hundreds of players that train there Mon-Fri, as well as the Rec Program on Saturdays.  Unfortunately, we could be losing this park due to a decision by Anne Arundel County.  Anne Arundel County intends to pave over Provinces Park on Disney Road to build a Costco-sized, pay-to-access swim center and an 800-space parking lot. The swim center’s size is driven primarily by the County’s desire to host regional, and state high school swim meets.  The County chose not to engage the local community or any of the youth sports organizations that depend on the park for input when they selected the site in January 2021, nor did they notify residents in the surrounding neighborhoods. They didn't even put up a sign in the park! Despite the huge and constant demand for more public green space, they decided unilaterally to destroy the best free, public park for miles.  We need your help to SAVE PROVINCES PARK!  Here is how you can help-


Sign the petition! The more signatures we have, the stronger the message we send to the County that Provinces Park is not an acceptable location for their new swim center - and that we're not impressed with how they bypassed our community in planning. Every signature helps! Click here to sign.

Tell your friends! Tell your friends and neighbors that the County is trying to destroy the best green space for miles, take away fields from children that desperately need them, and that they tried to sneak it past us. Ask them to visit and sign our petition.

Post on social media! Post a link to on your local NextDoor forum and on Facebook groups for local communities and activities.  Note: The County probably won't give much weight to signatures from people outside Anne Arundel County and almost certainly won't value signatures from people outside Maryland.

Hand out flyers! We have printable flyers you can distribute on our behalf. Choose from our list below to match the flyer to your audience. Ask local businesses if you can put up flyers in their offices. Give them to your friends and neighbors. Post them in your community center or place of worship. Bring them to big events like youth sports games. Every person who signs a petition strengthens our cause!

Each petition flyer contains a QR code (square barcode) linking to the online version of the flyer. To scan the QR code, open your smartphone's camera app and point it at the code. The app will pop up a link you can tap to open the web form. This allows anyone with a smartphone to reach the online petition in just a few seconds, and it also allows a single printed flyer to collect many signatures. The bottom portion of the flyer can also be detached and mailed to the indicated address.

Write a letter! You can write a personal letter to County officials telling them how you feel about their plans. You can mail the letter yourself, but we strongly recommend that you also send a copy of the letter to us so we can present a big stack of letters all at once - and send it to multiple officials.

You can email your letter to or mail it to:

Provinces Civic Association
P.O. Box 313
Jessup, MD 20794-0313


Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated!  There are literally thousands of children who’s love for soccer started in the ASA Rec program.  The current children in the program, and all the children that will come after them deserve the same opportunity to learn and love the game!


Kind Regards,

Mike Kin

ASA President 


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