Save our park

Save our park

The Fight Is Not Over!

Arundel Soccer Association is not against a West County Swim Center.  We just do not want it at Provinces Park.  We believe that it will be a great asset to the area, but to add this Hugh building to the wonderful green space would be a tragedy.  The new plan no longer removes soccer fields, but does reduce the footprint of the park and our ability to park during games and practices  The update number of space dropped from 700 to 296 spots.  The new building cuts off view of the fields from the road and entrance to the park.  

 They’ll tell us that they’ve "listened to the community" and "reduced the parking" - but they’re still removing a ton of green space. And the big reason they liked Provinces Park in the first place was the option to expand - they’ll come for the other fields the minute we turn our backs.

Your voice and engagement give us a fighting chance!

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P.S. Big thanks to everyone who came out to defend Provinces Park at the District 1 budget town hall! and the community engagement meeting It makes a huge difference.

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