Current Volunteer Needs

Position:  Media and Marketer. ASA is looking for someone to server as marketing and media manager.  Someone with good corporate contacts, ability to write, and/or an ability to succesfully promote is desired.  Interested parties should contact the ASA Secretary at Secretary@ArundelSoccer.com for more information.
Position:  Recreation League Registrar.  ASA is looking for an assistant registrar to help collect and review registrations before the Spring and Fall seasons.  Registration begins typically in June and December of each year for seasons starting in September and March.  Volunteers  should contact the ASA Secretary at Secretary@ArundelSoccer.com for more information.
Position: Saturday Recreation League Set-up Crew.  ASA is looking for people to help set-up on Rec game days at Arundel Middle.  Set-up usually begins around 8AM and must be complete by 9 AM for first games.  Set-up usually includes painting field lines, placing portable goals, checking nets, picking up litter, placing trash cans, putting up signs and setting up the concession. 
Position: Sports Management Intern.  ASA is looking for HS seniors or college students interested in sports management.   We have the new and developing programs at all levels that can provide rich experience and additions to resume’s.  This is not cleaning up fields!!!!!  This is working with organizing and running a large club.  Interns must be mature, have own transportation and be highly reliable.   Volunteers  should contact the ASA Secretary at Secretary@ArundelSoccer.com for more information.
General Information 

ASA is a non-profit organization. ASA is strictly run by volunteers. Without the help of our volunteers ASA would not exist for the players.

ASA has a Board of Directors. There are 15 members that serve one year long positions. They are selected at the Annual Meeting in October. The Board meets monthly to plan and vote on various activities for the soccer seasons and works year-round.  Board membership can be a significant amount of work and requires sustained committment.

ASA also uses volunteer staff who regularly participate in various functions and can oversee activities or coordinate projects.  While board members serve many roles, staff volunteers typically focus on a specific job, such as coordinating referees or serving on committees.

Committees have been established to make ASA run smoother and to delegate some of the duties that are to be performed each season. Committees are to have representatives report to the Board meetings with updates monthly. 

  1. Coaching Committee:  The Coaching committee is looking for experienced coaches to help plan coaching development, recruit and support new coaches, and track and plan coaches training, licensing and education.  This candidate should have good coaching credentials, management ability and be club oriented.

  2. Fields and Grounds Committee: Volunteers focus on repair and maintenance of fields and equipment.  This typically involves planning or helping with seeding, fertilizing, aeration, rock removal, adding soil.  Volunteers may also help coordinate for access to or construction of new fields and can help with Saturday morning Rec set-up at Arundel Middle School.

  3. Fundraiser Committee: This committee will organize vendors on game day and special fundraising drives in Spring and Fall.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to ASA as a Board member, coach or on a small committee please email Secretary@ArundelSoccer.com

We appreciate all our volunteers. Remember IT’S FOR THE KIDS! Without our volunteers ASA would not be possible.




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Contact info

Arundel Soccer Association
P.O. Box 242
Gambrills, MD 21054

Phone: (410) 690-4109
Email: info@arundelsoccer.com

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